#Assad besieges Ghouta

In an absolute silence, Assad besieges Ghouta and murders his people by starvation and the help of Russia.

First, Russia continues its shelling on the town, and, in second, it vetoed the draft of peace of the UN Security Council.

10th veto, and, now, 11th veto.

The gases bombed on the city are toxic gases,and these shelling violate the Convention on Non Conventional Weapons.Use of Toxic Gases #Assad War Criminal, Syrian National Coalition, November, 18, 2017

The tactic of the siege, by hijacking civilians, is contrary to the Geneva Agreements , and makes Assad and his allies responsible for war crimes.

Ghouta is dying , and , on this International  Day of Children, we must remind that Syrian children , trapped in Ghouta, have no International Day, but death.Children victims ofchemicals in Syria, Twitter, April, 8, 2017

According to  the Syrian Network for Human Rights, since 2011, Syrians kids have been the first targets of the Regime, of ISIS, and , sometimes, of the International Coalition.The_children_of_Syria_are_disgraceful_2017_Syrian Network for Human Rights, November, 2017

Hospitals have been closed and medicines are lacking .

In rescuing civilians in this dying city, the White Helmets lost one of their members.It is the only help inhabitants have .White Helmet killed in Eastern Ghouta, Twitter, November, 20, 2017

As a Western citizen, I was ashamed reading that Assad and Putin met together in a splendid villa; the journalist had no word to qualify all the virtues of Assad: disgusting, vomiting…

On the other hand, an international solidarity is organizing , on social networks, and , in some places, in streets: the photo of the header shows such a solidarity in the West.

The Syrian National Coalition , who called the UN for help , and who presented a draft of peace agreement, without Assad , of course, condemns these shelling and this siege.

All human rights defenders condemn this siege , which kill by torturing the civilians.

It is the reason of this post: even if in the West Ghouta is slaughtered silently, I will not be a bystander.

If you like this post, tweet , or post on Facebook, your solidarity with Ghouta.



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