Help Free Taheri: Follow @TaheriMovement

I wrote posts, yet, in favor of Taheri, who is considered by the Iranian opposition as a Spiritual Leader for his ideas.

A University Professor, he was dismissed by the Mullah Regime and imprisoned for his convictions, which are opposed to the Regime.

More that a Spiritual Leader, he is someone who dared speak his mind in a country where there is absolutely no right to free expression.

Since he is jailed, a movement has been constituted , especially on Twitter, the @TaheriMovement.

With the hashtag  #free_Taheri, which is going viral, his supporters call  for his liberation: he is a prisoner of conscience, being jailed only for his ideas.Taheri Movement 1

The Movement @TaheriMovement is followed by his ex-students, who keep alive the reminder of his teaching, and behavior;he is, too, by the Opposition, which wants a democratic Iran.

Since he his a prisoner of conscience, foreigners, who want to defend human rights, follow it: I am  part of it, and I am not Iranian.

But being dedicated to the defense of human rights, I support this cause.

Nobody shall be imprisoned or prosecuted for his ideas: it is expressed in the Declaration of Human Rights.

This post is an activism one. If you like it, please follow the @TaheriMovement, if you have a Twitter account: and tweet for Taheri and his liberation.

Fight for human rights in a country where they are violated daily.





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