The White Helmets, heroes of our time

In a total silence from international media, Assad besieges Ghouta, and the only rescuers are the White Helmets.

Based on the verse of the Qur’an ” Who saves one man save the whole  humanity”, their motto is at the stake of actuality, with the siege of Ghouta, which makes many victims. White Helmets Heroes of the Syrian Revolution, Twitter, February, 16, 2017

The whole verse says also “Who kills one man kills the whole  humanity”: the politics of the siege is a crime against humanity, warms Amnesty International.

We will not include in this post pictures of the siege, they are these of dying children.

But the surviving are rescued only by the local team of the White Helmets: Ghouta has been bombed,first, and cluster munitions remains.

As the food dropping is ancient, and as, now, Syria is no more in the news, the White Helmets provide their help to a weakened population.

To sum up, the situation now in Ghouta has two main actors: Assad who sends to death his own population , and the White Helmets who extracts them from agony by their work.The White Helmets saving a baby, Twitter, November, 16,2017

They are the only  reliable source of life in the agonizing city.

Days after days, they rescue civilians trapped in Ghouta, as they do in other towns, under bombings, such Damascus.

They never hesitate in this rescuing : this is why we can call them heroes.

They risk their life to save one’s another.

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