Six Months in Jail: Free Ahmed Mansoor

I have, yet, written posts on Ahmed Mansoor, but now, it’s been six months that he is jailed for having used his liberty of expression and defended the opponents in the UAE.

Ahmed  Mansoor is a lawyer and a human rights activist. As there is absolutely no free speech in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), being a human rights activist leads you to express views contrary to the power.

Moreover, he used his job of lawyer to defend activists whose destiny was in danger.

These two practices made of him an opponent to the regime, and he was arrested at home, without arrest warrant , and led to jail.

The fact to be arrested without arrest warrant is unlawful ; but the UAE has not the same conception of law .

Human rights are violated in this arrest and in the negation of free speech.

Free expression is a human right.

Being jailed since six months without access  to a defense or to meanings to guarantee his health is degrading , and is a pure violation of human rights.

These human rights he defended when he was free.

On Twitter, the hashtag  #FreeAhmedMansour  is going viral in human rights defenders.

A human rights defender myself, I write this post in but one goal: defend Ahmed Mansoor, and contribute  to his liberation.

This is an activism post, whose conclusion is : Free Ahmed Mansoor.

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