Trump’ s politics one year later

Elected on a  discontentment   of the population, one year later, Trump has deceived by his program the middle-class and a part of the international community: it is a deception for the worker not to have a better salary, as it was a promises of campaign; not only a disappointment, but the feeling of a lie.

By the same, he has not “made America great again”, but he has added wealth to the wealthiest.

Americans call this class “the 1°/°”. The banks and big companies are easy with this policy,  and the majority is not.

Trump and the Constitution

His fear of migrants and Muslims recall us the worst racism.However, the Supreme Court rejected his “Muslim Ban”. But in the middle of the “refugees crisis”, he closed the doors to people from Iraq, Syria, etc. To sum up, seven countries at war, whose population fled in search of an asylum.

About Syria, he leads the International Coalition, whose goal is to help Syrians, the official goal, but which made many  “collateral damages”. According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the International Coalition made worse than better.The_bloody_cost_2017_International Coalition In Syria, Syrian Network for Human Rights, September, 24, 2017

Now, demonstrations are frequent, because of his homophobia, of his racism, of the war he engaged the USA in.Protesters at the White House after Trump fired J Comey as FBI director, the NYT, May, 15, 2017

The suspicion of the Russian intervention in his election is not to meliorate his reputation.

The impeachment was an idea, even if now, papers don’t speak about it.

But its constant  populism doesn’t work; unlike this,it is rejected.

Cartoons and pictures circulate on social networks , to criticize  him.

On the last picture I saw, he was compared to Hitler.Hitler Trump

This comparison is worth telling , and showing.

I will finish with it.


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