Blogging is not a crime : Free Raif Badawi

Since five years, Raif Badawi is sentenced to 1000 lashes by Saudi Arabia for having creating a blog, liberal and critical about Islam and the Power.

As there is no freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia, and that religion can not be criticized in the country of Mecca, the leader of the kingdom, King Salman, condemned him to this.

Demonstrations took place with posters on which were written “Blogging is bad for your back”.#FreeRaif, March, 3, 2017

Now, the demonstrations show posters with “Free Raif”.#Free Raif Badawi Tunisia campaign Al Jazeera America

Five years have passed, and the condemnation is still active. Each Friday, in public, the sentence is applied.

This, for a blog. Blogging is not a crime , and freedom of speech is recognized as a human right. Saudi Arabia, in the name of religion, violates this human right.

A Muslim myself, I recall in these lines that Ibn Rushd (Averroes) shows with rational arguments , in his Decisive Treaty, that Philosophy and Islam can be conciliated.

According to human rights and to the best Muslim Philosophers, this sentence is unjust.

As demonstrators, as Twitter activists(I am in) , we can say: Free Raif Badawi.

The reader interested will find the  full story of the facts in a very good blog, a human right defender:

This photo is taken on the Twitter account  of CLuna27.

Free Raif, Twitter, C. Luna account, November,10,2017

If you want to be active in the campaign  to Free Raif Badawi, on Twitter, you can tweet to @KingSalman to free @RaifBadawi.

I tweet regularly for his freedom.

Since five years, an unjust condemnation is applied to a man who dared speak his mind .

As his blog  has been deleted by the authorities,  he has expressed himself in a book: 1000 lashes because I dared speaking.Raif Badawi book

The book is translated in French  and in German: these translations show us the universality of his fight, a fight for free expression.

As a conclusion,  I will be concise: Free Raif Badawi.





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