Syrian Coalition wants the Disappeared at the Negotiations

The question of the Disappeared, never cleared, but object of a report by Human Rights Watch, If The Dead Could Speak, is at the heart of the future negotiations with the special envoy for Syria, De Mistura.Enforced_disappearance_is_a_weapon_of_war_in_Syria_,SNHR, August, 30, 2017

Syria If the dead could speak HRW, 2015, Caesar’s photos

It is a complement of accusation for the Assad Regime: the use of chemical weapons, the bombings on civilians, the siege and starvation  of them, the complicity of terrorist organizations, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah, all of this seeming insufficient to the West.

Only human rights organizations have an interest in the events of Syria, since the defeat of IS.

But IS is not the principal  enemy to Syrians: it is Assad Regime, inherited from the coup d’état  and now  backed by Russia and Iran.

If negotiations  have their place, the UN must admit that:

1: Assad has no future but a trial at The Hague; his family is not allowed to have part in the future of Syria.

2:The terrorist Hezbollah and the Iranian regime, who reigns by terror, must be blacklisted, and , by consequence, have no part in the negotiations.

3: All the crimes committed by the Regime since 2011 must be taken in part: the Disappeared are part of these crimes; the reports of the Syrian Network for Human Rights are proofs by the numbers of  the genocide committed by Assad.

4: This Revolution has begun by the people, and the Syrian Coalition expresses in negotiations the will of the people to free elections, etc.

The draft of Constitution will be the opus of the Syrian people, after the exclusion of all the obstacles.

Where are they ? was the question about the Disappeared : it remains a question; now it can be a proof against  Assad.Enforced disappearance in Syria, from March 2011 to August 2017, Twitter , Syrian Network for Human Rights, August, 2017




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