Save the children of Syria

As the media are again silencing the Syrian Revolution, we remind here that the Revolution continues, and that the first victims of the Assad Regime are children, by their  fragility.The photo of the header is not recent:2012; but since 2012, what have changed for kids?

In these conditions, silence is a war crime: I will not be a bystander, and this blog is here to raise awareness on human rights violations.

Assad has accomplices to commit his crimes, and Iranian activists call for ousting their regime from Syria.

Russia vetoes all decisions, and the Hezbollah is only supporting terrorist crimes.

Children who have not left Syria will grow without education, without access to a healthy food, and to basic healthcare.

Unlike this, they live in ruins, often victims of injuries, because of the bombings of Assad coalition; the International Coalition is responsible, too, for victims in civilians: a great number are children.These data are updated each month  by the Syrian Network for Human Rights. The Syria Awareness Campaign, an internet activism network,gives reliable information.Children of Syria 2, October, 30, 2017

In the West, Syria has disappeared.

The idea that the Revolution continues is one you never find in Western dailies.The Revolution continues: this is the meaning of the tag.The Revolution Continues, October, 29, 2017

One think is of interest for them: what will do the  part of their population gone to Syria to join IS, and known as “the foreign fighters”?

Now that IS is defeated , this question haunts the politicians.

But Syrian children ? The future of Syria?

Only Arab dailies , such as the Lebanese “L’ Orient Le Jour”, written in French, give news of Syria.

Syrian children deserve a normal life : not to speak is complicity. It is a war crime.


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