In the FSA we trust

Why this title? Because I share the point of view of Tillerson: Assad cannot be part of the future of Syria.

The FSA has ousted IS from Raqqa, its principal domain.

Now, remain Assad, Russia, Iran, and the Hezbollah. The War is not finished, and Assad has not won it.

Against this coalition made of two dictatorships (Assad and Russia) and two terrorists (Iran and the Hezbollah), the National Coalition has firmly established that no political transition could be made with the presence of Assad at the power.

Syrian genocide, Twitter, Syrian Revolution Network, October,28,2017

To fight the gangsters named upon, Syria has now a whole organization : an army, the FSA, which is powerful by its courage, volunteers to save  the wounded, the White Helmets, and a transition  Government, the National Coalition.

After having delivered Syria from IS, the next path for the FSA is to oust Assad from the government , so he can be judged at the ICC at the Hague. The genocide he committed since  2011 justify this trial.

We trust the FSA for this: it freed areas of Syria, not only those occupied by IS, but others occupied by Assad.The photo of the header is fighters of Assad killed by the FSA.

It participated to meetings before the Astana Talks: it is not only an army, but a part of the political life of Syria, with the National Coalition.

FSA and Opposition insist on the fact that truce must be respected by Russia, Iran and Assad before peace talks of Astana

National Coalition stresses in Idlib that there 'sno transition with Assad, October, 20, 2017

It is part of the R2P, the Responsibility  to Protect: when Western countries failed in it, it assumed alone the protection of Syrian occupied zones.

Now that everyone has contacts with Assad, and talks with him, as if he were a normal politician, it is to the FSA to free Syria from Assad and from its accomplices.

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