Towards the end of #Assad Mafia ?

On Thursday, the US Secretary of State declared that there was no future for Syria with  Assad at the power: it is absolutely the contrary of all analysts, for whom Assad has won the war.

Moreover, it would  not be the end of Bachir Al Assad, but the end of the Assad family.

Unlike this, Russia used its veto for the 9th time, and the international community is sympathising with Assad: with this idea that he has won the war, everyone finds him very fair.

It creates a feeling of terror: imagine just one minute WWII won by Hitler, and he would have been very fair, too.

Hitler and Assad , August, 28, 2017

Since 2011, until now , Assad is committing   a genocide , including children, who are malnourished and not cured. You must kiss them before they dye:

Assad genocide, May, 20, 2017

Assad kills kids, Genocide in Syria, Twitter, August, 28, 2017

Malnourished child in Syria , Syria Awareness Campaign, October, 24, 2017

He used chemical weapons, even those forbidden by the international laws.

His reign was prolonged until now , despite the FSA, by the propaganda of Iran and the powerful weaponry of Russia.

Now, Israel enters the conflict and creates chaos: in fact, Israel has a part of Syria in its occupied territories, the Golan; so, its interest to create a supplementary chaos.

Syrian Golan since 1992

Even Arab States have said that they support Assad, such as Qatar.

And the civilians, in this situation? Since 2011, they want the departure of Assad, and they revolted because they wanted (they always want) freedom, dignity, social justice.

The result was a genocide. To end it, we can only hope that the solution found by Tillerson, the US Secretary of State , is the good one: the end of Assad family.

No political solution with Assad: it is just what Syrians want.

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