#Taheri movement

As my last post was about  the detention by Iranian authorities of Taheri, there is no more to add that this detention is the object of protests.

In effect, he is a scholar, and his students ask for his freedom: in Western countries, of course, not in Iran.

In Iran, protests are online, on social networks, but not in public places, like the video we recorded :

On Twitter, the hashtag  #Taheri movement is the way Iranian activists express their solidarity with this scholar and spiritual leader imprisoned without arrest warrant and not judged legally.

He is sentenced to the death penalty; about this, we must recall that Iran is the first country in the death penalty, according to Amnesty International.

Iranian opponents are active against this practice, and, about Taheri, his supporters ask that this condemnation is abolished.

On the photo of the header, taken on Twitter, we can see an Iranian protest, in favor of Taheri,  but it is in front of an association, not in a square , like this of the video, recorded in the UK.   It takes courage to go to a protest in Iran.

His only crime is to think different, which renders him an opponent.

On Twitter, I also use this hashtag #Taheri movement.

Like the precedent post, this is an activism one.

The conclusion is clear and short: #Free Taheri . #Taheri movement.


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