#Free Taheri

On Twitter, the #Taheri MovementĀ  is active since a while.

Taheri is a prisoner of conscience , and Amnesty International has two campaigns , on Twitter, precisely.

The link are here :


and here:


The first one is more focused on Taheri himself .

In Iran, he is considered as a spiritual leader, and , by way of consequence, as an opponent.

Arrested, he made several hunger strikes, which made anxious his relatives and his close relations.

Moreover, he is not young now, and these hunger strikes affected his health.This is a supplementary argument used by activists against the Iranian government , when they claim for his liberation.

As usual, as we can read in the testimony of his mother on Amnesty, he was arrested without arrest warrant, which renders his arrest perfectly contrary to the law.

On Twitter today, the #Taheri Movement called for activists to raise awareness on his case. I write this post in this goal.

Yes, it is an activism post.

Can you write on human rights without being engaged in the fight for them?

So, the conclusion will be quick: #Free Taheri . #Taheri Movement.



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