Free Alaa Abd El Fattah

According to the site, which campaigns for the liberation of Egyptian  activists, Alaa Abd El Fattah, arrested in 2013, has still 916 days of jail.

Campaigns to ask for his freedom have been made, by Amnesty, and, on Twitter, the hashtag  #FreeAlaa is the way to support him.

2013 is not a neutral date: this is the moment  when Morsi is ousted by the crowd,  and when  Islamism  is established as a system of government.

Despite this, Alaa uses his freedom of expression as a blogger , and censorship is prompt to arrest him.

In all these cases, the attempt to religion , to power, is the pretext of the arrest. Extremism doesn’t  bear a free expression, and the fruit of an individual thought.

For having written freely , he is jailed since 2013, and all the petitions were without effect.

I write this post as a support of his freedom of speech, and, I hope, his liberty.


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