National Coalition stresses that the fight against IS is not sufficient

More have been said and written after the liberation of Raqqa of the Islamic State.

For most Western writers, the fact that IS was ousted from its main city was the beginning of the death of the terrorist organization.

But Raqqa and Deir Ezzor are not absolutely freed, because , as usual, civilians are trapped in the towns.

The real goal , stresses the National Coalition, is to fight the principal enemy they revolted against in 2011: Assad; Assad and his allies.

The countries which spoke out at the UN are invited to participate to the negotiations, at one very condition: no country shall accept a political transition with Assad.

The dictatorship established by the coup of the Baath, and followed by Bachar Al Assad, has been responsible for crimes against humanity, and it is clear that all Syrians want Bachar to be judged at The Hague.

The defeat of IS in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor is a good thing, but it is only the first path in the fight of the Revolutionaries against their enemies.

Now, feeding the civilians trapped in these two cities and building correct conditions of life for them is necessary.They cannot live in ruins , or leave the towns to live in exile in Jordan.

The FSA will fight against Assad and his allies, and the international coalition, which made disasters, by bombing indifferently fighters and civilians. The situation in Idlib is a proof that the defeat of IS is not sufficient: Assad continues his crimes.This is a crater made by a Russian airplane:

Crater after an airstrike and a suspected use of chemicals in Idlib

To those who pretended that the fact that IS was ousted from Raqqa was the end of the Syrian Revolution, we can answer: no, the end will be the establishment of a true democracy, which  is wanted  since 2011.





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