Free Yemeni Activists

As the war in Yemen begins to be contested , on social networks, precisely the selling of weapons by the UK to Saudi Arabia, we must remember the Yemeni activists, jailed for their opposition to the politics of their country.

Yemen is not only a country at war, it is a country without free expression.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Free Hisham Al Omeisy went viral these days. We wrote a post on him: he is an opponent , but , and it is important, he is a political analyst.Hisham Al Omeisy , opponent of regime in Yemen

His criticism of the regime is founded. On Amnesty International, a petition calls for his liberation.Human rights defenders tweet in his favor.

But he is not alone in this criticism. Less known , a woman , Radhya Al Mutawakel, is defended by the Gulf Center for Human Rights. She is , too, under the fire of the regime, because she spoke her mind about human rights in Yemen; they are nonexistent. People demonstrate against killings of prisoners, like shows the photo below: Yemenis demand release of their imprisoned relative in UAE prisons, July, 27, 2017

The photo of the header is a photo of her.

Now, people are focused on the UK. It is true that this trade of arms participates to the  war: Yemen is absolutely destructed by Saudi Arabia.

On Twitter, about this, the hashtag #End The War is an opposition  to the Yemeni war.

But this opposition is free: unlike this, Yemeni activists pay their opposition.Release Al Omeisy, political analyst in Yemen, Amnesty, October,12, 2017

If Hisham Al Omeisy is defended by Amnesty, Radhya Al Mutawakel is defended by the Gulf Center for Human Rights: we must pay tribute to it; it is a local network, but its work is efficient.




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