The Twitter campaign to free Raif Badawi

On Twitter, the campaign to free Raif Badawi is still active, thanks to @CLuna.

Fore those interested in this defense , the blog https://www.cluna27  is

full of data and regularly updated.

In effect, there are no more demonstrations , except in Canada, where his wife organizes the resistance by the Foundation .

There is still a petition on Amnesty International , calling to the immediate release of the blogger: sign and share.

But the most efficient are the hashtag #Free Raif , #blogging is not a crime, and #the pen is mightier than the sword.#Free Raif

This latter is a verse of the Quran : it shows that a free expression can exist in a Muslim country, and calls on Saudi Arabia to freedom of speech.

This post is a call to participate to this Twitter campaign, and contribute to the liberation of Raif Badawi.

He is jailed and flogged since five years, and sentenced to ten : his only crime is a liberal blog.

So, sign, share and tweet: be active by the way you have.



  1. Thank you for your post. I think it is far too much honour for me. It is correct that I am still campaigning for Raif Badawi, but there are so many others who do it as well. Thanks to all these activists the campaign is still alive. I hope he will soon be free, but until then I and hopefully many others continue to support #FreeRaif #Free_RaifBadawi

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