Bombings on Raqqa continue in a general silence

The battle of Raqqa, which made many victims, continues, even if other events lead the opinion to other facts.

The silence made on this town is shocking: the only information comes from Syrians; the international community, which is responsible for a part of these bombing, does not publish a line in newspapers.Bombing on Raqqa by the international coalition, the Guardian, July, 2017

The  White Helmets, who save the wounded, and the Twitter  account  @Revolution Syria , publish news on the city, to raise awareness on the battle of Raqqa.The photo of the header is property of the National Coalition.

The stakes are high, because ISIS and the Assad regime exterminate the civilians by bombing them .

Raqqa, victim of the war  without discontinuity, is in ruins, like Idlib.Raqqa, a dying city, Twitter, September, 1, 2017

A part of the inhabitants fled to Jordan , but they returned to Raqqa: Jordan offers them but precarious camps, sometimes without drinkable water; in these camps, they lived under the line of poverty, away from them relatives.

Raqqa, civilians fleeing ISIS controled zone, November 11, 2016

Syrian refugees in Jordan, Al Jazeera, October, 9, 2017

It made believe to peace. But there is no peace in Syria with Assad at the power.

Raqqa is but an example of the continuous war on civilians, led since 2011.

As all the important towns, Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa is a victim of the regime.

It is, too, a victim of the international silence.

Both facts, the bombing, and the silence, are killing . In these circumstances, silence is a crime: it is complicity.


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