Deir Ezzor Holocaust Campaign

Deir Ezzor is at the heart of a battle between Assad forces, ISIS, and the Free Syrian Army, which takes place in the general indifference.

Syrian activists , to protest, launched the “Deir Ezzor Holocaust ” campaign. The hashtag  was frequent on Twitter, because the situation in Deir Ezzor, largely ignored, is a bloody conflict where civilians are hijacked , especially by ISIS.

The town and its region has been occupied by ISIS a full year, in 2014-2015, and now it is shared by the three forces of the conflict: the Free Syrian Army, which tries to liberate the region, and Assad, which leads , with ISIS ,a war to the Revolutionary Forces.Map of the forces in Deir Ezzor , October, 7, 2017

As usual, the town , which is of interest because of its wealthiness in oil, is bombed, and the victims are civilians. To these forces we must add Russia, the ally of Assad, which bombs widely:Deir Ezzor under Russian Terror, Revolution Syria, Twitter,5 Octobre 2017

More than war crimes, the term “holocaust” is employed to raise awareness on a situation which takes place in an absolute silence.

As journalists are focused on Assad and his role in the future of Syria (the propaganda has well done its job…), nobody is aware of Deir Ezzor (or Raqqa).

To liberate the inhabitants of ISIS, and of Assad forces is not a party of pleasure. The destiny of these inhabitants, wounded, victims of the war, is a high stake.

So, this campaign to protest against the indifference and to testimony of the violence of the battle of Deir Ezzor is vital.

Thanks to these activists , we are aware of the stake of the situation in Deir Ezzor.


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