Yemeni war under investigation ?

Since the beginning of the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, investigations have been made by NGO, but today the UN insisted on the necessity to investigate the war crimes committed during the war.

The last official report is of the UNICEF, and dated of 2016: it concerns children and the violations they are victims of.Yemeni and UNHCR, March, 24,2017Chikdren at Yemeni War, November, 1, 2016

To sum up, Yemen has been of interest for the UN by the selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia ( Yemen is too poor to buy some) , and by the epidemic of cholera engendered by the poverty of the country.

Saudi Arabia is wealthy , and has meanings to lead a war; unlike this, Yemen is poor and is victim of its poverty.

The Arab Coalition which was with Saudi Arabia condemned this comportment .

Since the beginning , the conflict is ignored; when photos and graphics are revealed , a feeling of horror is shared by the viewer of these photos.Yemen bombing, HRW, October,6, 2017

To cluster bombs, hunger kills, with efficiency. The country is in ruins, and the inhabitants, the civilians, are victims of hunger and cholera.-Yemen_Cholera Malnutrition_2017Aug24_OCHR

Moreover, they have no money to buy supply, they depend all on international help. This one never comes, condemning all a country .

As for the UN , it is good to have asked for an investigation, but where will it lead? About Syria, the UN took so many resolutions, without result…arms_landmines_cluster_chair_UN, Human Rights Watch

The same day, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported the violations of human rights in Yemen.This reliable information is all we have to share.




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