Syrian Coalition ‘s political transition

As everyone declares the victory of Assad and Putin, the Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary Forces is focused on the only  political transition which is possible, which is WITHOUT ASSAD.

Their plan includes a reconstruction of Syria by Syrians themselves and a draft of Constitution including the will of the people : liberty, social justice, dignity, free elections. It will be the realization of  the claims of 2011.

It condemns all war crimes committed in Syria, by Assad and his accomplices: Russia, Iran, the Hezbollah, ISIS, and the murders committed by the International Coalition.Deir Ezzor under Russian Terror, Revolution Syria, Twitter,5 Octobre 2017

It is true that Russia vetoed 8 attempts to find a solution in Geneva . Now, Russia and Assad are  diffusing a propaganda about  a so called “Assad’s victory”.

On its part, Iran is  proposing a candidate for the Nobel Peace Price , who killed many Syrians.

Unlike this conception of “peace” , the Nobel Peace Price should go to the Syrian people, for his efforts to continue the Revolution whatever the circumstances.Nobel Peace Price must go to the Syrian people, not to Zarif, who represents Iran regime, Twitter, October, 5,2017

Against the Russian efforts to demoralize him, the motto #The Revolution Continues  was active on Twitter today. It expressed a reject of a peace with  Assad and a reject of this Iranian candidate to the Nobel Peace Price.

As Russia, Iran has blood on the hands, and is accomplice of Assad ‘s crimes and genocide.

Many “specialists” are telling than the war is on its end in Syria: it will not be with Assad.

The conditions of a true political transition, leading to a democracy, what Syrians want, implicate the departure of Assad.





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