Assad propaganda is killing the truth

Since a moment, the hashtag #Assadhaswon coexists with #AssadMustGo.

The site leads to a petition “Assad to The Hague”.

I have signed it, and I share it by this post.

But the Russian propaganda is affirming  without ambiguity , by Lavrov, the victory of Assad and Putin.

The paper is official, it is Sputnik.

It is a pure contradiction with the truth, wich must be said: the last report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights tells in detail the dead and wounded by Russia in Syria.

Russia in Syria, October, 1, 2017, The Syrian Revolutionary coalition

Russia, which has vetoed all the negotiations, is now helping Assad in the seduction facing the international opinion and the international coalition.

First, the public was blind , and accomplice of the suffering of Syria.

Now, the same public is naive to the propaganda and won’t wonder about Assad, Bachar and his father Hafez.

As Switzerland is launching a commission of enquiry on Hama in 1982, a killing whose responsibility is all for Hafez Al Assad, Bachar Al Assad appears to the leaders as a possibility to finish the war.

Hama 1982, Hafez Al Assasd

Tell the truth as it must said: a government with Assad would abolish six years of Revolution, with its genocide.Genocide In Syria, RevolutionSyria on Twitter, March, 4, 2017

The Revolutionary Coalition calls for a transition  government but WITHOUT ASSAD. It is essential to the Revolution , it is its goal : Assad must go.

The contrary is propaganda.


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