Idlib is in fire

The Syrian Coalition of Assad, Putin, Iran, is targeting Idlib and its neighborhood, killing civilians, and using non-conventional weapons.

In the dirty war undertaken by Assad,not to use the real word, the genocide he conscientiously makes, Idlib knows now the same destiny than Aleppo before.

Doctors ask for non-targeting medical resources, but it is without success. Hospitals are bombed as houses, as the remaining of civilians, who are the first victims of the bombing.

With the help of the Russian forces, Idlib is going to extermination.It was victim of a bombing in 2014, but now Assad targets also the neighborhood.Armanaz Massacre, Sptembre , 30, 2017

Assad and his accomplices violate every Convention on the Rights of Civilians in War.

He has undertaken the genocide of his own people while the world stays silent, afraid by ISIS. But ISIS is a common enemy to the Revolutionary forces.

The strategy is not the same as against Aleppo: there is no siege; there is a direct and violent shelling by all the weapons in possession of the Syrian Regime.

On cartoons, Assad is represented in a bloodbath: this it the real situation in Syria since 2011.Assad Bloodblath, September, 30, 2017, Twitter

At the same time, the UN calls for a ceasefire, but Russia has vetoed all the precedent , and all the cease fires were violated: the truce was not respected.

Idlib massacre is a supplementary example of the Syrian genocide, of Assad’s violence.

Even if ignored  by the public, it has to be denounced , to be known.Almanaz, September, 30, 2017

Silence would be complicity.



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