#Free Raif Badawi

It ‘s Friday, and since five years, the Saudi authorities chose to condemn the blogger to flogging .

At the moment when most people are celebrating the fact that women can (still) drive, I raise my voice to remember that there’s no free expression in this country.#Je suis Raif campagne de soutien d'Amnesty pour Raif Badawi , Janvier 2016

The only “crime” committed by Raif Badawi was a blog, a liberal perspective on religion and politics.

His wife, Miss Ensar, created a Foundation, the Raif Badawi Foundation , to raise awareness on his husband’s situation.She currently lives in Canada, from where she organizes shows of painting, and calls on the politicians to¬† act for Raif.

The Raif Badawi Foudation

I write as a human rights defender, I almost wrote two posts on Raif , and as a member of the Foundation.

I don’t want to make this post too long, it is a call to action , on Twitter, on Facebook: every word condemning the flogging counts.

The conclusion will be short: #Free Raif Badawi.







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