Twitter Storm for Ahmed Mansoor

It’s been now six months that  Ahmed Mansoor is jailed and kept in solitary confinement.The reason why?

Ahmed Mansoor is a human rights activist in the UAE, and he dared speak his mind on his Facebook page.By profession, he is a lawyer.Ahmed Mansour

A prior, this does not constitute a delict, according to our norms on free expression.

But the UAE do not recognize this free expression: it was criticism of the regime, and he was arrested without an arrest warrant.

The twitter storm today is #freeAhmed, to obtain his freedom.

Its imprisonment is pure abuse of power, and contrary to human rights, which include free speech.

By the same, the conditions of his arrest , and his detention, are also contrary to the international conventions on human rights. No one can be arrested without an arrest warrant, and  the access to a defense; idem, solitary confinement is forbidden , it is a form of torture under International Laws.

In fact, there is no freedom of expression in the UAE: we wrote a post on it .

The situation of Ahmed Mansoor is emblematical of it:just  as the situation of Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia, or Nabeel Rajab in Bahrain, best known of the public.

In effect, the UAE are not known , they are not  in the breaking news: if they are , it is in the economical pages.

The twitter storm  shows the absolute lack of liberty in the UAE, and, demanding the liberation of Ahmed Mansoor, it points out  the situation of human rights activists: how much it is dangerous to seek for freedom in a country where there is no liberty.

So, as a conclusion, #FreeAhmed.


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