Trump versus the UN

The participation of president Trump to the Conference of the UN unveils its policy, centered only on the interior .

The “Make America Great Again” has for consequences a sacrifice on foreign policy.His project to “reform” the UN would imply  less money for the organization, especially for the UNHCR.

The pillars of freedom and peace seem respected, but this policy lacks of multiculturalism.

In fact, reducing the financing of the UNHCR  targets directly the refugees, victims of his interior policy .Even if the “refugee ban” is abandoned, under the pressure of the opinion, it remains at the foundation  of Trump policy .Americans claimed for the remaining of  “sanctuary towns’, towns welcoming refugees.

Here, with the crisis engendered by the Syrian Revolution, the attitude of Trump is dual : on one hand, the USA leads the international coalition, and pretends caring ; on the other hand, refugees are refused, and the main organization (the UNHCR) would have less financing.

All the Resolutions taken by the UN related to Syria were without effect, we know that; but the R2P, Responsibility to Protect, includes Syrians : it is the only effective measure.

It has a cost, in effect.But the war has one, too, and causes damages .The coalition kills civilians, it is known.

Targeting the cost of the UNHCR is like targeting directly refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

It is refusing multiculturalism: we saw this with white supremacists, with the “Muslim Ban” refused by the Supreme Court , and now we see this directly at an international level.

De fact, there is no coherent foreign policy with  Trump.This is only emblematical .


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