Europe and Libya: the continued failure

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Since a recent period,  Libyans flee their country , towards Europe.

But Europe, who failed in 2015 to tackle the refugees crisis, continues to close its borders, and refugees  die of this policy.

The Mediterranean Sea, that they have to cross , continues to be a cemetery for those who try this dangerous journey.

Amnesty International .UK provides information on this in a report on the Libyan refugees now; it can be downloaded following this link:

The photo of the header is property of Amnesty , and has been taken on their Twitter account .

Photos speak more than words on such an important issue. So, this post is voluntarily  short . ITALY-EUROPE-MIGRATION

The reader will find photos of Libyan migrants in the course of their crossing.

FILE PHOTO: Migrants on a wooden boat await rescue by the Malta-based NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) in the central Mediterranean

And the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea continues on overcrowded  boats.

Relating to migrations, the failed policy of 2015 continues.Libyans are victims of it.





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