Memorizing the disappeared in Syria

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Yesterday was the International Day of the Disappeared. It was a day to memorize those that Assad’s  regime wants us to forget.

This is  memorizing ,  recalling , the high number of enforced disappearance in Syria.

According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, they are more than 85000 who are disappeared in the country. Not to forget them, we have to memorize these numbers ; if not, they will disappear twice: the first time, in unknown places of detention; the second, by closing our eyes and memory to this phenomenon.

Memorizing is contesting . Enforced disappearance is used by Assad as a tool of war.

By recalling in our memory  these disappeared, we keep them alive and we hope. Memorizing goes with hope: Syria Mother shows photo of her disappeared son , HRW, August, 30, 2017

Memorizing is a tool of resistance. In this post, the reader will find stats of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

By publishing these graphics,  these reports, the SNHR  (Syrian Network for Human Rights)  keeps the memory  of this weapon of the regime.The photo of the header is under copyright of the SNHR.Enforced disappearance in Syria, from March 2011 to August 2017, Twitter , Syrian Network for Human Rights, August, 2017

Some  examples, more precise ,are dated of 2013,and situated in Ghouta. The only fact to give a date and a place is memorizing that .It was a human right defender, and Assad’s regime could not bear that this type of individual be free.

Amnesty makes us memorizing these facts by publishing petitions against enforced disappearance.

Yes, memorizing  in this case is precious. The contrary would be falling in  what all dictatorships want us to fall in: the hole of forgetting .











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