Yemen : the forgotten war

Since the resignation of President Saleh in 2011, Yemen is a country at war, and this one is forgotten.

Forgotten, too, are the war crimes and the repression of opponents by the rebels.

Saudi Arabia is leading a Coalition against Yemen, and the country is fragile .

UN says Saudi-led Coalition kills civilians, BBC, August, 29, 2017

After two years of an intensive war , one between Saudi Arabia and Yemen , and another between the Houthis, the rebels, and the  partisans of the actual government, Yemen lives in poverty, malnutrition and cholera.

The US State Department  warns that 60°./° of the casualties are civilians. But this is not enough

Yemen, US State Department ,_Attacks-on-civilians

Members of the civil society, associated to Human Rights Watch, wrote a letter to the UN expressing their concern about the situation.

In the case of Yemeni associations, the name is not revealed, so great is the danger.

In effect, people who express freely such as Hisham Al  Oseimy , who used social media to share his opinion are repressed.Hisham Al Omeisy , opponent of regime in Yemen

Oseimy is jailed and social networks are used today to ask for his freedom .

Yemen is absolutely torn by the war: as we can see on photos of the BBC, the main cities were taken quickly , including the capital, Sanaa.Houthi_ rebel took Sanna in 4 days in September, BBC, August, 29, 2017

On the other hand, some towns are the territory of Al Qaeda , and, for the opinion, Yemen is known for this fact: to be the land of AQPA (Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula).

As for the civilians, they are only victims; some regions refuse  solidarity with the rebels , the Houthis , and ask what they wanted in 2011 : freedom. This is the case of the South of the country and of the West.Aden_protest, South of Yemen demands freedom

At this point, it is necessary to recall that Yemen is a country composed of tribes, without real unity.

The South is not Houthi, a tribe; the South is populated by Arabs.

Moreover, the conflict between tribes in Yemen is also a religious one : Houthis are Shia.

It plays a part in the war led by Saudi Arabia, the land of Mecca, and, generally, of Sunnis.

Now there is a general call to make the light on the use of weapons in this war; some are non-conventional and forbidden.

The call is also to save the civil society from war and the consequences it has now: malnutrition, and an epidemic of cholera, due to the extreme poverty the population live in.

The UNICEF and other organizations ask for money to buy medicines for the country.

-Yemen_Cholera Malnutrition_2017Aug24_OCHR

Human Rights Watch asks for an enquiry on the war crimes; all numbers of victims and weapons  are not published. It asks for the protection of civilians , who are the tolls of this war : the Yemeni War is a violation of all International Agreements regarding civilians in situation of war.

Activists ask for the liberation of Oseimy, a prisoner of conscience who dared express his views in the situation; this free-minded man is jailed, and there is a Twitter Storm to free him.

But, this war being absolutely forgotten by media, it has to be recalled this  Yemeni War and its consequences.

Yemen is not only the land of Al Qaeda ; it is the land where people die in a general silence.

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