Assad ‘s crimes and propaganda

On the fifth anniversary  of the massacre of Darayya, Assad ‘s crimes are so numerous that the Syrian National Coalition issued a statement telling that Assad’s crimes will not be forgotten.

The propaganda of Assad is still active on social networks, and comes from the same source that the ignorance and Zionism which found racism in the West.

However, the comparison with Hitler ‘s crimes is founded: it is no more war crimes, but a genocide which is at work in Syria.

Hitler and Assad , August, 28, 2017

The hashtag #Assadgenocide says it clearly, as opus of painters . The painter Marc Nelson, who posts on Twitter drawings of  killed Syrians, says it better than words.

Marc Nelson Painting of Syrians killed by Assad, August, 28, 2017

Meanwhile, Assad, in cartoons, is represented playing with WMD.These crimes are always actual, but the propaganda is winning the fight, by brainwashing the opinion.

About the power of propaganda, the reader interested in the topic will have an analysis in the book of Noam Chomsky, about media : Who rules the world?

Media are the better propagandists  , and the West believe in it .

But the statement of the National Coalition is clear: there is no political transition with Assad and the Baath still at the head of the country.

The responsible for a genocide must be deposed, and judged by the International Court.

Relating to Putin, when we see its interior policy, he cannot be an ally.

Iran is a theocracy  founded on the slaughter of opponents.

The other part , the Lebanese Hezbollah, is blacklisted as a terrorist organization, and it is just.

Even if the West is focused on the Islamic State, these basis of knowledge are fundamental.

In the whole conflict, the reliable forces are these of the FSA, the army of the Revolution .

The Statement of the National Coalition condemns all exterior , or foreign intervention , in the fights. We know why.

The map of the militias fighting for Assad is revelatory : Assadists are still numerous. It must be said that these militias are constituted of mercenaries.Milices qui combattent pour Assad, Twitter, March, 6,2017

Unlike this, the FSA is a liberation army. With the National Coalition, they plan a democratic future for Syria.

I wish one day, I will write on peace and freedom in Syria, and not document all the human rights violations by Assad and his allies.

But before I strongly milit to send Assad to the International Court of Justice.


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