Damages caused by the US led coalition in Syria

According to many Syrian sites, and very reliable ones, such as the National Coalition and the FSA, the US led coalition caused what they call “collateral” damages.

Clearly, they destroyed by bombing building in important cities such as Raqqa.

Raqqa bombed by International Coalition, Courrier International, August, 21, 2017

The town has been for a while under the power of the Islamic State, but the Democratic Forces , the FSA, took the town again.

The battle of Raqqa has been long; but the international coalition has its responsibility in it.

Even if, in newspapers, Syria has disappeared of the breaking news, the situation is still  terrible for the inhabitants.

According to the UNHCR, hundreds have fled the land, and most countries refuse them the asylum right, even if they have signed the agreements on this, or have it in their Constitution, such as France.

At a time when the Revolution is at a turning point, and the National Coalition setting an Interim Government , the indifference of Western countries is criminal.

The attitude of these Western countries could be defined with this arrogance : “Don’t disturb”.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Forces are not only fighting: the FSA published a declaration which is fundamental, asking for a participation of all citizens to  the political life of Syria.

The political transition could begin, if Assad were no more at the power.

Unlike this, Western politicians find Assad a very sympatethic  guy, to negotiate with, ignoring the use of torture, of chemicals, of WMD.

Even if on Twitter, the comparison with WWII and Hitler has been made , since the discovery of gas ovens in the prison of Sadnaya, the public opinion don’t follow.

Only supporters of the Syrian Revolution are making comparisons like this and want to send Assad to the International Court of Justice for his crimes.

Since 2011, a genocide is committed, and the world stay blind .

To the question ,  after Aylan’s photo, “Can a photo change the World?”, the answer is definitely no .

After Aylan’s photo, there was this of Omran, saved by the White Helmets, there was the Cesar Report, published by Human Rights Watch, and the whole world stood silent.

To sum up, there are now two categories of people facing the Syrian Revolution: the majority , composed of bystanders, and the minority of human rights activists, composed of supporters of the Syrian Revolution.

I am a supporter, and these lines are my part of activism .


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