The FSA freeing Syria

As cease fires were announced by the regime forces, backed by the Russian ones, it appeared quickly that the truce was false, like the other ones.

Moreover, ISIS continues its damages in the country, by encircling whole zones of the land.

Facing these attacks, the only force able to fight back both the regime and ISIS is the FSA, the Free Syrian Army, the moderate  fighters of the opposition.

The FSA has been able , since its creation, to liberate whole zones of the country.This map is dated of the end of July:

Syria Direct, July 26, 2017, FSA against IS.png

Recently, it was Raqqa and Ghouta. And, yes, it defeated both ISIS and Assad militias.

According to Doctors without Borders, the population of Raqqa(see below) is in a deep need of medical supply:

Civilians of Raqqa deprived of medical basic needs, MSF, August, 1, 2017

At  this time, even if Syria is no more in the  news, because of the disinterest of the opinion, a self-centered public, ISIS has grown its forces of foreign fighters , young unemployed without perspective and without a true knowledge of Islam.

Concerning Assad ‘s forces, they have , as always, the support of Russia and of Iran.

It is , so, a high stake to liberate the civilians of areas surrounded by ISIS or by Assad.

As 169 Syrian organizations wrote a letter to the UN Special Envoy for Syria , on August, 2, 2017, on the ground , the only force to fight is the FSA.

Here is the link of this letter of the civil society:

The liberation of Raqqa and Ghouta, with a part of the region of Homs, is a great victory.

On Twitter, today, the FSA  shared photos of this victory: this of the header is their property, and wants to be a tribute to their continuous fight for a free Syria.

With the ground forces, and aircrafts,they have freed many surrounded part of Syria.

There is no need of many words, because their work is based on efficiency.

I wanted to pay tribute to this army, whose facts are ignored by the world.

Yet, bombs continue to fall upon civilians in Syria.This is a bombing on Ghouta : Bombing on Easter Ghouta, making 170 casualties, following a failed truce of the regime, SNHR, August, 3, 2017

The FSA is the only force which can counter these shelling.This is a photo of the liberation of an ISIS surrounded city, by the FSA aircrafts; it is the liberation of Raqqa: The Syrian Free Forces take control of ISIS surrounded Raqqua, August, 3, 2017

Unlike the general indifference, I feel these fights are important. I feel concerned.





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