Nabeel Rajab and Bahrain : no freedom of speech

It ‘s being a while since the moment  when Nabeel Rajab is jailed .

He is now 52 years old and the Bahraini authorities still refuse him access to health care.

Nabeel Rajab hospitalised since April, Reuters, July 2017

Since my first post in favor of his freedom, years have passed, and he is imprisoned without trial.

Today, on social networks, such as Twitter, photos were shared.

Despite the disaster in Syria, I chose today to write for him, and for freedom of speech in Bahrain.

We must remember that the cause of his imprisonment is a simple tweet .Bahrain is a rich country, and for Western people, a resource of oil , and a land of banks.

But according to NGO like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, liberties are in a perpetual danger.

The Opposition network, Bahrain Center  for Human Rights , provides information on the dissidents : prisons are places of torture, and of executions without trial.

An Independent online newspaper investigates  the situation of the opposition: Bahrain Mirror . Al Jazeera is no more welcome in the whole UAE , and its reports on Bahrain belongs to the past, now.Its last article on Bahrain is dated of July , 27, 2017: l

Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) publishes reports, press statements, and calls to actions, for other prisoners.The last appeal for Nabeel Rajab is dated of 2016:

BCHR, Freedom for Nabeel Rajab, September, 6, 2016

Recently, the situation  of Nabeel Rajab was so a source of anxiety at a worldwide  level that the US State Department issued a statement condemning his imprisonment.Here is the link:

According to international conventions,   Nabeel Rajab is a prisoner of conscience. Even if , on photos published on Twitter,  he makes the “V” of “victory”, he is still in jail and his trial postponed.

His victory is in the resistance he continuously opposes to the authorities.

This post is no more than a tribute one, different of the others, which were calls to actions. I looked for petitions on the Bahraini network, on the NGO sites: the support you can have to this cause, this of freedom of speech, is to tweet #FreeNabeel and #FreedomofSpeech, #FreedomofExpression.

I did.

I  follow his account, and these of the Bahraini Opposition.

We are a Friday, and on Fridays, opponents endure the worst punishment they are sentenced to.

In Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi is flogged. In Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab , after two years of imprisonment, sees his trial postponed, and doesn’t have health care.

We, who are free, must pay tribute to those who fight for freedom of speech, for freedom of expression.

I wish one day (near ) they are free.


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