Fed up of Syria?

This provocative tweet was on the Twitter account of  Free Media Hub, an account entirely devoted to news on Syria.

On the network, they published this tweet with the photo of a young Syrian girl.It is this of the header.

Thanks to them, people who find information only by traditional media, will remember that Syria is still in the worst situation.

It is not a war, not a civil war: it is 7 years of a genocide, of Assad crimes against humanity.

Refugees fled the country , but in the land itself, inhabitants are still suffering of bombing, of the lack of basic needs.Relating to medical basic needs, Doctors without borders are giving fresh news, and these ones are alarming : a whole region, this of Raqqa, is lacking of so many things…

Meanwhile, the Syrian Civil Defense does his best for civilians, as does the FSA, which liberates aeras taken by Assad.

Syria Civil Defence in Deraa, July, 30, 2017

And the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces denounced today the tensions existing at the Lebanese frontier.

Syrian Responsible holds Assad accountable of division between Syrian and Lebanese people,Syrian Coalition, July 31 2017

To the disaster of lack of medicines, lack of food, lack of schools for kids, the Lebanese terrorist Hamas is now interfering with the bombing by Assad and Putin; without forgetting Iran.

The Hamas is putting fire on fire in a conflict where civilians are hijacked by Assad , Russia, Iran, and the international indifference.

Indifference kills; now the international community ceased to follow the news about Syria.

Sport, terrorist attacks where they take place: it’s all the interest of the public.

In the USA, we must add Trump’s policy, who try to dismantle all the realizations of President Obama.

In Europe, the refugees crisis is again a stake; Amnesty International published a report on this, urging U E countries to save refugees’ fragile boats.But now the refugees crisis is a Libyan crisis. The link  for this report is here:

Click to access A%20Perfect%20Storm%20-%20REPORT.pdf

And what about Syria?In 2016, the UN Security Council condemned the use of chemicals.

But one  year later? Syria satellite view of a Russian combat aircraft, HRW, August, 1, 2017

This is the satellite image of a Russian aircraft and the damages it caused.

With the UNHCR, you can give an education to Syrian kids, so that they don’t become a “lost generation”.

You can, too, with the Syrian organization Syria Charity. At the month of Ramadan, they collected money, so that people have food at the break of the fast.

Now, due to the lack of food(the inflation is of 900 °/°), they collect money to send supplies in zones where everything is lacking.

You can follow their Twitter account, @SyriaCharity, and, for information, this of @FreeMediaHub

@SyriaCivilDefense provides news about the wounded in the country.

If there is still a land named Syria, which is not yet absolutely destroyed by Assad , it is thanks to the FSA, the Free Syrian Army.

The National Coalition has a program for Syria, and inform of the victories on Assad, and of the obstacles to the realization of a free and democratic Syria.

If you have forgotten Syria, realize that the population of the country is living a nightmare.

If you don’t come for them, who will come for you when you are in need?

I write for human rights, and they are universal.Read again the Universal Declaration of 1948.

Syria , in 2011, revolted for social justice, dignity, and freedom.

You, who enjoy these rights since Centuries, as I do, think of them, and support them.

I will never be fed up of Syria, I am with Syria; if I were not , where would be my engagement for human rights?

So, to sum up, I finish this post by these simple words, a hashtag : #WithSyria.

With Syria, August, 1, 2017




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