Euromed defenders in Egypt situation

The site Euromed provides regularly information on human rights defenders in Egypt.

In this country like in others of the Arab world, human rights defenders and activists who dare raise their voice in favor of freedom of expression are prosecuted. In partnership with the ANRI, a network for freedom of press, the site give updates on “human rights defenders  behind the bars”.

Most of them are jailed for years for having exercised their job, journalists, lawyers, and spoken out against restrictive laws.

The most known is “Shawkan”, the photographer:

Screen-Shot-2017-05-11-of @CLuna27 on Twitter, an account , @FreeShawkan is existing to raise awareness on his situation. On Word Press, the site of C Luna , an activism one, give regular update and sometimes link to petitions to sign in favor of this prisoner.

This photo was taken on the Twitter account of @CLuna27, a human rights activist whose blog is full of updates on human rights violations.


By following @Euromed, you can have fresh information on these  Egyptian activists , and , sometimes, you can support their case. I do, and I am subscribed to their newsletter.I have signed all the petitions in favor of these activists, all prisoners of conscience .

It could seem strange, because Egypt was in the first country in the Uprisings of 2011. But now, a military regime is in place , and trials and arrests are frequents .

Artists, bloggers, photographers,  lawyers, are now at risk of arrests, and enforced disappearance.  When one is freed, it is thanks to the militant ism of Amnesty supporters who sign petitions in favor of them.

On the site of Euromed, petitions are posted and updated. The last link to one is old, it is dated of March-April .I gave it in this blog, yet.

Since this date, some have been liberated, and other activists jailed.

For fresh news, the reader can go directly to the site of Euromed.

The organization published a rapport on the year 2016, which can be read and downloaded following this link :

Click to access EMR-ActivityReport-2016-EN-FINAL.pdf

This report is in English, unlike most of them, which are in Arabic; Google Translate , which is not a bad tool,  gives very bad results when it comes to translate Arabic.I personally advice the reader NOT to translate Arabic texts , and, when it is possible, read them in other languages  (English is the more frequent).

The paper “MadaMasr” gives official information: it is of interest to compare the blog of the opposition and the  main newspaper of  the country: so, the reader could have an impartial point of view, by comparing information.

The site is not focused on Egypt, only; the UAE are concerned, too.We wrote some posts on the issue.

But Egypt is not the worst country in the violation of human rights: the reader of this blog knows the situation in Saudi Arabia, with Raif Badawi’s case.

On Euromed, the reader will find news about strikes: this is never related.

It is interesting  to be aware of this type of news.

One point of view is the beginning of blindness about countries which are not democracies.

So, read and compare. If there is a petition, it will be great to sign and share it.

This is an activism post, I know. But when  human rights are violated, I think we must act.

This is the conclusion : @Euromed is worth to be supported; it represents freedom in a country that we don’t know very well.

Blogging, writing, photography are not crimes; we enjoy these rights. They are universal. I am fully with those who are deprived of them.





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