Make all refugees welcome

The UNHCR  published recently a report giving  data on refugees in the year 2016.

It is fully in contradiction with the politics announced by politicians.As for the USA, we all know that Trump’s policy on this issue is very restrictive.

But as far as France is concerned, it was an announcement in President Macron’s inaugural speech that France has to be in the path of a policy in accordance with the right to asylum which is written in the Constitution.

Despite this, local authorities, such as mayors , continue to violate this politics and this human right.

In some cities, the police are accomplice , by violence, of these violations  towards the migrants. Human Rights Watch denounced it in a recent report, dated of July. The two reports, this of the UNHCR, and this of Human Rights Watch can be easily downloaded.

The link to this to the UNHCR can be found here:

Click to access 2016_Global_Trends_WEB-embargoed.pdf

Relating to this of Human Rights Watch, it is focused on the police in  some towns, especially Calais; we wrote posts on this very town, because of its emblematic character.

The city is the border to England, which is the hope of many refugees. The harbor is the last frontier to pass to England, especially for Syrian refugees, whose other language is English .

Against the conditions of life in Calais (it would be better to write “survival”, not “life), demonstrations are regular; inhabitants of the region , who have sympathy for the migrants, demonstrate it, against this precariousness.The town is known as the “Jungle”, and has been dismantled.

But in Paris, and other cities, deputies, mayors, show their opposition to the migrants.The right to asylum is violated, despite Presidential policy. The Opposition Party acts according its own will.

Canada, and border countries , such as Lebanon, are still the more welcoming for Syrian refugees.

In a Syria ravaged by bombing , and the coalition Assad/ Putin/ Iran , many people have been obliged to flee.

These violations of the right to asylum must be denounced, as do Human Rights Watch .

Like living in Hell . Child and Adult Migrants Abuses in Calais, published on July, 26 by the organization can be downloaded on the site of the NGO .

It provides recent  information on the situation in Calais, and on the violence of the police.

Moreover, it is trustworthy . The organization regularly updates its information and research on the topic.

This post takes its information from it and from the data of the UNHCR.

It is not the first , but this situation, made to people obliged to flee their country because of war is so inhumane  that denouncing the violations of human rights seems to us an obligation.

There are no picture, nor video in this, because words are sufficient .

If we were in this situation, what will we feel?

Just think of it…




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