Pest or Plague? A world without engagement

via Daily Prompt: Pest

As A French reader ,and blogger, the word “pest” is linked to a world without engagement, from a classical book of the 20th Century; the translation of it is not”Pest”, but “Plague”.

In it, Camus described the lack of engagement in the world.

whatever the title, the pest is for me the lack of engagement , and misinformation about human rights in the Middle-East.

The misinformation about  Syria is  my pest,especially; when it turns to this country, information is only about the Islamic State, not the FSA and the revolutionary  forces.

Pest on social networks, diffusing false news, and comments only about  terrorism.

They seem to have forgotten the true dimension of the 2011 insurgency, which was the best: a Revolution for social justice, freedom and dignity.

From the best to the pest , from sympathy to indifference. I have written many posts against this pest : indifference, lack of engagement.

These few lines ae only to remember the readers that engagement is the best, and the  lack the pest .

I have been awhile without blogging, and my first post is about this: think of the best, not of the pest.

Be engaged. Be in the world . The  contrary is a pest.

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