Fifty years of War (and more): June,5, 1967

As contemporary events go on, some days are celebrations or humiliations; this is the case of June, 5, 1967, the “fifty birthday” of the 6  Days War.


In papers, American or Hebrew, this was a day of celebration, to commemorate as a victory; in Arab ones, the following events are such a list of humiliations that the 6 Days War remains alive in memories.

In both cases, it is an event to transmit to young generations, so that the History of the country is not forgotten and lost.

It matters, because these few days, this “fast victory”, as say Jew military, had consequence until now: Israel, and its main supporter, America, have an uncontested role in the policy of the Middle-East. The birth of “Zionism”, against national Arab movements, is leading since a while; facing the actual situation, activists in favor of Arabs tweet on this by the mean of cartoons.

The Triangle of Terror in MENA, May, 23, 2017

All the steps of the relationships between Israel and Palestine can be followed by themselves, but it is far more  interesting to follow them in context: in the Sinai Desert, the Israeli Army defeated all the Arab troops against it, as it was again the case in 1973.

Even if free speech is guaranteed , you can write all you want about Arabs and Arab countries, but do not write ONE word against the Israeli occupation, the Nakba of 1948, the participation of Israel in the War of Lebanon; ops, I wrote too much !  I will be qualified of antisemitic!

No issue is hotter than this one: even in online encyclopedia, searching information about the annexation of the  Syrian Golan Heights, and its precise date, I read ” the neutrality of this article is not guaranteed”.

So, be aware of what  you write or say: 50 years after, the war is alive in memories of both camps. it has been followed by so many others…

Israel won the War by its superiority in armament and tactic.

Moshe Dayan, 1967, Screenshot of a DailyMotion Video

It won others by diplomacy.

50 years after the 6 Days War, History is becoming an effective weapon.

It is a stake for Arab people (especially for Palestinian one) to spread their one.

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