7th Ramadan in a slaughtered Syria

For Muslims worldwide, Ramadan is not only the month of fasting, but this of reflexion about the religion, and well-doing.Those who cannot fast (for a health reason, for example), must give money as an equivalent.

In Syria, this Ramadan is the 7th one since  the beginning of the Revolution: it will not be a month of reflexion, because people don’t have time enough ; as well-doing, the White Helmets remind us the meaning of the Quran in a world where extremism reigns; their motto, ” Who saves a life saves the whole humanity”, is a verse of the Quran; since the foundation of their organization, they saved so many lives…Injured in Aleppo and the White Helmets

Fasting begins at the sunrise and ends at the sunset (Maghreb prayer): after this prayer, the whole family and their friends join to eat, and the break of the fast is not only a meat, it is also an occasion to thank God for the food He gave.

In Syria, prices of first necessity products have exploded since the Revolution: with deprivation , comes speculation, even if it is forbidden in Islam.

Bread , salt, milk, for instance : their price is 900°/° what it was before 2011.

In these conditions, what of  the meat after Maghreb ?

Ramadan is also, traditionally, a happy month for children: at the end  , for the “Great Feast” ( Arabic “Ait El Kabir”), they receive gifts, such as Christian kids at Christmas. But how many children Assad killed since 2011?

Assad has slaughtered Syria; particularly, he exterminated its future, by killing the children .

Ad the end of the fast, people join in family , but how many families are entire now? No killed, nor refugees ?7th Ramadan in Syria, art work by Anas Salameh, Syrian Revolution account, May,27,2017

This art work is by Anas Salameh, and was shared today on Twitter by the account of the Syrian Revolution.

This is Syria now. As a solidarity between Muslims must exist, those who would give to Syrians can do it  via


Ramadan is also the month of well- doing: helping Syria is now a necessity.





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