Houla, five years after: May, 25, 2012; May, 25, 2017

As Syria is to enter  the month of Ramadan absolutely abandoned, after 7 years of war, it is necessary to recall the most awful crimes  by Assad since the beginning of the Revolution .

Houla, whose commemoration was yesterday, was a massacre by the Assad regime, in a town close to Homs: on May, 25, 2012, the inhabitants of the city were all slaughtered, including women and children. Houla, 5 years after, May, 25, 2017

At this time, media were not indifferent as they are now, and we found the photo of the header in the paper “The Huffington Post “, dated of May, 25, 2012: the photo is its property.

On the events, the NGO Human Rights Watch made at this time an enquiry, which was published as a press release; the link is below:


Yesterday, on Twitter, the hashtag #Houla5yearsafter” was viral on Syrian accounts and those of their supporters: it’s true that now, the Syrian Revolution lost its actuality and popularity in the opinion and media. We tweet to support it, because indifference would mean cooperation with Assad, especially in these decisive times.

Houla, 5 years after, May, 25, 2017.jpg, 2

Pictures, with “Houla five years after” could be found. Memory is important, because it saves the roots of the Revolution, its principles, as a celebration.It is not a detail, because accounts of Assad’s supporters have invaded the networks: killing the fake news by remembering the truth is essential .

Think that Putin has an account on Twitter, @PutinKGB, and Bachar Al Assad has one, too, and you will understand how much it is essential to counter propaganda.

Every Revolution has its roots, its principles, and  those who want to kill it : the regime, of course, and its allies; propaganda is a weapon.

Remembering what did the regime, its crimes, is a weapon; everyday, Assad writes his own proofs for an eventual, but highly desired ,trial for crimes against humanity. As I write this post , thirty years on, began Klaus Barbie ‘s  process  for crimes against humanity.

Syrian Revolutionaries and their supporters ask and hope that Assad be judged for the same : since 2011, he committed crimes and crimes against his own people, a genocide.

Assad genocide, May, 20, 2017

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