#AssadHolocaust, Bonnie Kipperman, May, 23, 2017Syrian activists and their supporters paid today a tribute to the victims of Assad, especially those who died in his” prisons”(we write this word between inverted comas, because can we name a “prison” a center where prisoners are tortured until they die?).This photo was shared by the painter Bonnie Kipperman.

The events in Sadnaya, the gas ovens, and now the discovery of corpses, to render to their family for the funerals, put us under shock.We cannot stay indifferent.Where is the world , May, 23, 2017

Some tweeted that after #Auschwitz, , the actual situation was quite impossible; yes, the world told this in 1945, but Assad has nothing to do with History.

Before the Baath, and the dictatorship of the Assad clan , Syria was a splendor; it was, still, before the Revolution, at the price of the silence of a whole population. Until now, opponents are called “terrorists”, and the West is focused on ISIS.

While media and opinion think of ISIS and are convinced that the Revolutionaries are terrorists, Assad can quietly repress , kill, torture these ones: his opponents have only the support of those who are aware of the situation.

I am a supporter of the Syrian Revolution , and I write to raise awareness, to fight the prejudices.

The UN High Council made a report  on the deaths in detention in the  Syrian Arab Republic ; it can be downloaded following this link:

Click to access A-HRC-31-CRP1_en.pdf

It is available in English and in Arabic. It was given by the Twitter account of the @Syrian Revolution. Many information in this post comes from this account.

The Cesar Report was only a beginning; when we think it is dated of 2014, and published in 2015 by Human Rights Watch, what a distance! Two years since the publication…

Two years before the discovery in Sadnaya of the gas ovens, and of dead prisoners in their cell.

According to the Muslim ritual, the corpse must be given back to the family, whatever the marks on it, to  have  religious funerals.

After the comparison with the Vietnam War, which was made because of the use of napalm, now, with the gas ovens of Sadnaya, the comparison is made with Auschwitz.Four Crématoire Nazi, May, 17, 2017

When we see Sadnaya, and when we read reports on Assad’s prisons, the comparison is good.#AssadHolocaust= #AssadHitler.

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