Inside the horror: Syrian prison of Sadnaya

On Twitter today, there were many tweets on #Sadnaya.

In this prison, Opponents to Assad are detained in the worst conditions; the Syrian activists and the NGO Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch discovered the corpses and the marks of torture on them thank to the so-called “Cesar Report” , in 2014: photographs taken by the photographer of Assad, who deserted , and chose to denounce the  horrors of the Regime.

These photos were published by Human Rights Watch in 2015 in a report untitled If the Dead Could Speak ; you can download it following this link:

But Sadnaya was not only a center of detention and torture; the worst was discovered recently and shared on Twitter by Syrian activists. Inside it, there was a camp, like this of the Nazis, with gas ovens.Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017.png

This new, traditional media didn’t speak of. Only social networks shared it, by the accounts of Syrians and of their supporters.

I  wrote, yet, a post about this issue, but I write this one, the second, because of the insistence on this new:each photo, each tweet, was followed by the words “please share”.

I write to share, to raise awareness on a subject which is ignored by the opinion: media don’t relay it, but it is of a high importance.

In a time when all events are known immediately, thank to the internet, thank to the multitude of media, how could we ignore that Assad is committing the worst crime, the same as Hitler?Four Crématoire Nazi, May, 17, 2017

Remember: in 1945, when the Red Army liberated the Nazi Camps, and found the gas ovens, and the “survivors”, worldwide it was said , in a common indignation: NEVER AGAIN.

NEVER AGAIN? What means these words when we see Sadnaya?

The comparison  of Assad with Hitler is not a metaphor: it is the reality of Syria today.

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