Assad is trying to kill the town of the Revolution

Homs au 21 Octobre 2012.pngHoms bombardée 13 Juin 2012.png Today, social media, especially the accounts of Syrians , were sharing the new that Homs was evacuated: fighters, civilians, these ones by buses.The link they gave can be found here:

In fact, the process of this evacuation began in March: clearly, this means that the city of Homs is under control of Assad’s forces; not only the city, but also the neighborhood,  perhaps the whole governorate. I hope that in the governorate some parts remain free.

For Assad it represents a great victory, because in 2011 the uprising began in Homs.Since 2012, Homs is bombed regularly, in the aim to destroy it.We can see the evolution thanks to photos:

Homs après 6 mois de siège.png

Moreover , the town and this of Hama have a past of rebellion against the only party authorized in Syria, the Baath, since Hafiz Al Assad  created it and took power in Syria.

Since 1973, a unique thought dominates the country; the opponents are repressed as we know now .

In 1982, there was, yet,  an uprising against the Baath, this time in Hama: Hafiz Al Assad repressed it in a bloody way; the victims of this massacre, because we must name it like that, are now considered as martyrs of freedom.

The fact that recently, Bachar Al Assad restored a statue of his father, as a monument, in Hama, was shocking at a time when he was himself following the same path: repression, massacre, and now, adding to war crimes, crimes against humanity.

He benefits in it of the support of Iran, of Russia: as  the elections in Iran gave as”winner” the unique party of the mullahs, today, the Iranian Opposition associated their protest to  this of the Syrians.

Both want to establish a democracy, in countries where it is nonexistent: in Syria, abolish the hereditary dictatorship, and establish a Constitution, where the Syrian people lead, with a plurality of institutions and parties, and the freedom of expression: the rule of the law, not this of a man; in Iran, a laic Constitution , giving the power to people, with the freedom of speech, and no more this religious dictatorship .

Iranian want the religious  militias of their country on the list of terrorist organizations.Iran Terrorists, March, 7, 2017, Twitter

Syrians want the departure of Assad and his trial at the ICC for crimes against humanity.

The  fall of Homs , for all supporters of the Syrian Revolution, is unbearable; now, we hope that the FSA take it back to Assad.

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