Lies and prejudices: about the elections in Iran

Reading the newspapers, and opening some emails today, I was surprised  to learn the FREE reelection of President Rouhani in Iran.

Since I write on Iran, I has my information by the Opposition and I am aware that in the country the mullahs constitute the ONLY party.

The Opposition is in exile , the majority in France.

I was too young to have interest in the 1979 Revolution , which marked the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, in the 80th.1979_screenshot

I know , now, that in 1988, many opponents were executed, and that they are considered as martyrs by the actual Opposition.In memory of those who said No to the dictator in 1988

This one has left all the prejudices of  Islam  relating to women, because the leader is actually a woman, Maryam Rajavi, who has enough leadership and charisma to give the Opposition the strength needed(photo of the header : screenshot of Maryam Rajavi account on Twitter today).

But only social networks and internet users seem to know this.

Traditional media announce that Rouhani has been reelected, without more precision;for those, numerous, and perhaps the majority, who ignore the events quoted in the upper lines , it’s an election like another.

Don’t be confused: we live , in Western countries, in democracies, where the elections offer us the choice between several parties, at least two; in countries where democracy is not established, the election is between ONE party and ONE party, the SAME.

The mullahs, the party of Rouhani, rule Iran by an Islamic Law, which does not accept any Opposition.FEMEN against Rouhani.png

It is easy , in these conditions, to be reelected; your lifetime, you can be elected and reelected.

The real name is dictatorship.In Iran, it is a religious one.We believe that the Opposition can establish what they ask for, a true democracy, with FREE elections.








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