Assad’s Gas Ovens

Since two days,Syrian activists are sharing the worst that Assad did since the beginning of the Revolution in 2011: the discovery of gas ovens in Sadnaya prison.

The horrors committed in this prison were almost revealed by NGO such as  Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, thanks to the Cesar Report.

Sadnaya was, since, known as a prison where prisoners were not only jailed but also tortured, and the corpses put one on another, likes objects.

Yesterday, the French-speaking account @LaVoixDesSyriens shared on Twitter photos of gas ovens, with a comment indicating that the bodies of tortured prisoners were thrown in them.The photo of the header was taken on their Twitter account.

It remembers to everyone the crimes against humanity of the Nazi Regime, and the Nazi Camps, with their gas ovens.

If someone had doubt , yet, that Assad was committing crimes against humanity and a genocide, the proofs are here, and undubitable.

I read today, but the mail was from dated from yesterday (it’s an American organization, and I live in France…), from the SAC, Syrian American Council, news from Amnesty, including photos of these gas ovens.Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, SAC,May, 17, 2017Sadnaya, Gas Ovens, 2, , SAC, May, 17, 2017.png

They seem to be plural,but they show the same place,taken from an aerial point of view , an extermination camp, just as Auschwitz.Four Crématoire Nazi, May, 17, 2017

I think that on an issue like this one, photos speak more than words.

Relating to words, the best I read were these of Primo Levi, If It Is A Man, a survivor of the Nazi Camps.


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