All the President’s Men

The reference to the famous movie of 1976 is going viral on Twitter, with the hashtag #allthepresidentsmen.

After Trump’s decision to fire the FBI ‘s director, Comey, who was investigating on the relationships between Trump’s election and Putin, the remembering of Nixon’s years is in the opinion.

The idea that there could be tapes at the White House makes Trump really ill.  Petitions were signed to ask for transparency, demonstrations took place in front of the White House, but Trump considers that , as a President, these are signs of contest of his power.Below, a photo of a demonstration in front of the White House (property of the  NYT) Protesters at the White House after Trump fired J Comey as FBI director, the NYT, May, 15, 2017


Unlike Trump’s policy , all powers must be transparent, and the ACLU, such as Human Rights Watch , are inquiring on the events.FBI, Twitter, HRW account, May, 14, 2017


The firing of the FBI director creates scandal in a society where all powers must be shareable by citizens. Only the classified reports of the CIA can’t be read, but sometimes the Agency declassifies some.

With Twitter, now, the account of the President is under access , under the name of @RealDonaldTrump.

It appears from the reports of Human Rights Watch, and of the articles of the press, essentially the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post “, that Putin interfered in the elections.

Moreover, the fact that Trump is fighting with the party of Putin in Syria, so supporting Assad, does not make him more popular: first, many Americans are in favor of the Syrian Opposition, due to Assad’s crimes; secondly, this war shows Trump ‘s sympathy for Putin.

Of course, this is a difference between Nixon’s times and now: the Cold War is finished since a while, but Putin is not the best Russian president; in Russia itself, Opponents are jailed or severely repressed. The friendship of Trump for a dictator achieves  the bad reputation of the actual President of the USA.

This bad reputation began with the ban on refugees and Muslims, which is contrary to the First Amendment.His policy favoring the billionaires , which is a lie to his voters, disappointed most of them.

And now, the fact that he could have been elected thanks to a foreign power, and this of a dictator, achieves to ruin his reputation.

His refusal to be under investigation by the FBI gives many people a suspicion, which reminds them “All the President”s Men”: a classic which had never been so actual.A. Cox in 1973, prosecutor of the Watergate Investigation, Associated Press, reproduced in the NYT, May, 10, 2017

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