Putin is proud to interfere  in all diplomatic relationships. Lastly, he published on Twitter a campaign of defamation against French President , Macron, with the hashtag #MacronLeaks. He tries to make all foreign policy alone, and his official Twitter account is named @PutinKGB.#MacronLeaks Twitter account of PutinKGB , May, 6, 2017

The last three letters, KGB, are the more revelatory: in secrecy, just as the CIA, he makes and defeats leaders. French voters didn’t care of his tweets, which are linked to the FN, to the far-right party: every French voter knows that the FN has a financing thanks to Russian banks.

But he evidently interfered in the American elections,because cables were found on the White House. All the White House and Congress communications were hacked  by Russia.

Nowadays, tapes are no more used, as they were in the historic affair of the Watergate, but mails and tweets, and official documents can be hacked by web spies. So, Russia seems to have hacked the campaign of candidate Trump .

In a protest movement, the Russian flag was held on the Capitol.

But now, a serious inquiry is open; the FBI has begun an investigation, and, immediately, the White House fired the FBI’s procurator in charge of it.White-House-Fires-James-Comey

The official  decision could be read entirely in the “New York Times” of  yesterday. In the article, the journalist  made a comparison with the Watergate.

This comparison followed a petition against what is now called the “Trumpgate”. American citizens  launched it:


The  Watergate was so important an event that people want transparency from political men.

The resignation of Nixon, and the scandal created by this affair is a well-known historical fact in the recent History of the 20th Century.A. Cox in 1973, prosecutor of the Watergate Investigation, Associated Press, reproduced in the NYT, May, 10, 2017

I found on-line the archives of the “Washington Post” relating to the whole affair.

All the tapes are in a museum where they can be consulted.

If the culpability of  Trump was proven, it would be , due to the Russian intervention, a treason case, and the procedure of  impeachment could be deployed.

American newspapers, today, were focused on the similarities  between the two Presidents, Trump, and Nixon.

Is #Trumpgate a new Watergate?#TrumpGate



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