Painting to Save Syria

As I went today on Twitter, the dominant hashtag was #SaveMenInSyria: the fighters of the FSA, the rescuers of the White Helmets, the civilians bombed without interruption by the coalition and victims of  IS.

#SaveMenInSyria, Save Our Syria, Twitter, May, 6, 2017

Of course, it does not mean that women and kids have to be forgotten, but after six years, only activists share news for the civilians. Indifference kills : it is a WMD, in the hands of the media, such as misinformation.

I am subscribed to Syrian newsletters, as I am to these of Amnesty and Human Rights Watch; in fact, I am subscribed to all newsletters providing information on human rights. Since 2011, I am the testimony of the Syrian genocide, and I don’t want to be a bystander. But now, six years after, bystanders are numerous.The following photo was taken in 2014,  Now , what have changed ?Syria Direct Idlib Camps destroyed by the regime, May, 4, 2014


Artists act by their art in favor of Syria, they want to speak out against indifference. I wrote two posts , yet, on this, but art, especially painting, gives life to Syria.

Photos, videos, we have, and a lot.But in a world built on the power of images, art is more efficient that photos, even if I share some.

Men In Syria, Twitter, May,6, 2017

Art , like this of Marc Nelson, and Bonnie Kippermann, shows us the reality ; it has been a debate since centuries on the relationships between art and reality, but this debate is not a stake in the paintings of Marc Nelson.Denouncing the horrors of a war that turned in a genocide is the project of this art.Marc Nelson painting of a young girl killed in Daraa, Twitter, April, 30, 2017

I admire this art, for the engagement in human rights . As I write myself for them, I know that words are limited, now.

I hope these paintings will be known, soon, not only as artistic realizations, but as a human rights claim, against indifference.

Facing the Syrian genocide, and the indifference, time has come to speak out, to denounce the alliances that kill a whole people.

Save  Our Syria has created a worldwide  petition to support Syrian civilians :

This is, too, a form of involvement.

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