Black lives Matter

Today, I will not write on the French elections, because speaking too much of an issue is making propaganda, and all media are focused on this.

I agree on this with Noam Chomsky in Manufacturing Consent.There is a video of the philosopher about it:

Our opinion is shaped by the media.I wrote many posts in favor of Syria, but this is a stake (foreign policy) of these elections.

Whatever the opinion of the leaders, there is a revival of the protest movement “Black Lives Matter”. Blacks in the USA have always been a minority victim of discrimination: they have to build and claim the positive identity of their   existence.

Since the March on Washington , which is now celebrated as Martin Luther King Day,the evolution has not been so admired.

Malcolm X is not recognized, even if he was a great leader of this cause.malcolm_x_malcolm-x-on-media

Now, with the violence of the police towards  Black people, the movement took a new form: Trump’s discriminatory and racist policy gave it energy. It was unacceptable that persons were beaten only because they were Black.The movement “Black Lives Matter”was organized at this occasion.

Demonstrations with this motto took place first in Washington, DC, in front of the Capitol.The Power was directly facing this opposition: it was peaceful; people handled bags with the inscription ” Black Lives Matter ” on them.It is the first important protest when the claim appears, in July 2016. Photos of these protest ,  given in this post, are property of the newspaper “The Washington Post”.

Black Lives Matter Protest in July 2016, WP

Today, as the racist policy is more important after the  first 100 days of Trump’s administration, the revival of the movement and of the associated demonstrations are evident.

People think , of course, in terms of discrimination,  to the “Muslim Ban”, to the Wall with Mexico, to the so-called “war on terrorism” in Syria; but Blacks are the more unemployed category; when they have a job, they are in the lowest wages; due to the healthcare according to Trump, children don’t have access to the best cares, and the vaccines; they can’t pretend on University, much expensive.

We all know, now, that Trump was elected , in the South States, with the help of the KKK, which is active again since 1984.KKK-Trump_inside_full_content_

Yes, this racism is so important since the election of Trump that we must recall , in a country which is founded on “the pursuit of happiness”‘, Black Lives Matter.

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