Danger! Syria between chemicals and indifference

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Only artists now keep up aware of the constant danger in Syria: such are the paintings of Marc Nelson and Bonnie Kippermann.

However, human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, give us data on chemicals: we can see the danger they represent, the damage they cause.

syriachem0417_country_map- HRW

On Twitter, the account of the @SyrianRevolution claims the indignation facing the danger of indifference: they post that their tweets and re-tweets are no more  seen, no more shared.

Revolution Syria Twitter Account, Alert on Indifference, May, 2, 2017

Meanwhile, the coalition Assad-Putin-Iran-Trump kills civilians ; ISIS, the fascinating danger for Western media, is not alone in terrorism: Iran and Assad are backed by the Hezbollah.  Who remembers the terrorist attacks caused by the Hezbollah ? None, apparently.The War of Lebanon is far away now: indifference killed its history.

Danger! The same thing is happening now, in a present event: the Syrian  organizations in the UK have a website, to keep us updated, such as http://www.genocideinsyria.org.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes reports and maps of the violations of truce by Assad: the coalition  and ISIS are two dangers for civilians.

Facing the danger of the bombing, of the chemicals, the more fragile are kids: photos are shared to show how much they suffer from the war.

Syrian Children and Trump 's responsibility, May, 3, 2017

The FSA and the  White Helmets are the only efficient  forces to defend the population from the danger of bombs.

The Provisory Government faces the danger of Assad’s propaganda.Assad succeeded in making of them terrorists, and a danger.

But who is the danger in mater of terrorism? The responsible for bombing his own people, for besieging him, for obliging him to flee the homeland? Or the force who tries to build a democratic Syria, with a project of Constitution ?

Propaganda is a real danger: on social media, now, pro-Assad “trolls”have appeared.

And they are backed by the international community: Obama ended the war in Iraq, Trump began this  of Syria, as if the USA had no other danger to face.

As France is concerned, at some days of the second tour of the Presidential Elections, one candidate finds Assad very well ; the danger is also in sympathy for the devil.

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