Today, Assad’s regime stroke one more time on the city of Daraa , and killed many civilians.Victims of Assad in Daraa,Twitter, April, 30, 2017

I want to speak out for the dead, which are so numerous now. Russia vetoed another attempt of peace, which would have led to the departure of Assad .As a consequence, the coalition Assad-Putin-Iran-Trump can continue to bomb Syrians.

The more awful , for us who want to share information about Syria, and not to stay focused on our country, is the attack of children.

The use of chemicals is known now by everyone, and Assad can’t deny it. He can’t deny, too, that he used them on kids. Photos are regularly shared on Twitter, as a testimony of these crimes.

The White Helmets , Syria Civil Defense ,puts on the network what are their realizations : photos of destroyed towns, of nowhere lands  where remain  “survivors” they rescue while they are still alive.Syrian Children victim of Assad, Twitter, April, 30, 2017

Artists, too, try to keep us aware of the situation: I will use in this post a painting by Marc Nelson, of a dead child in Deraa; this one is taken, as the precedent ones, on his Twitter account, today.I didn’t use it for the header, not to repeat the other post I wrote on art and Syria. Marc Nelson painting of a young girl killed in Daraa, Twitter, April, 30, 2017

But artists are militants of peace in Syria, they share their paintings on Twitter , to give life to an issue which has finished by been interesting  in the public opinion.

This one follows the “breakings news”: Trump’s first days , and the measures he took ; The” Brexit”; the French elections; terrorist attacks when there is one….

Syria will become again “fashionable”, if I can use this word, if there are refugees at our doors, or an attack with a suspicion that the responsible went to Syria for a while…

ISIS is an interesting issue, because it can be used as a threat , to restrain our liberties, with our agreement.

And all these civilians killed by Assad and his allies, I will say his accomplices?

Nobody cares. I care, and so do the artist I use the paintings; and so some activists, some human rights defenders.Marc Nelson Painting of a dead child in Syria, Twitter account of M. Nelson, April, 27, 2017

We share, too, petitions, documents of Amnesty or Human Rights Watch.

In situations like this of Syria, knowing and doing nothing is being accomplice of the war crimes, and of the crimes against humanity committed by the Syrian Regime.

Syria War Crimes, Twitter,April, 30, 2017

We care for liberty, so we care for this of the Syrian people who upraised  for it six years ago. Six years of a genocide; we speak out for human rights, for Syrians, the dead, the living.

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